Patriotic punch 4th of July

Patriotic Punch

Patriotic Punch

With Memorial Day and then the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s great to have a cool refreshing drink on hand you can make easily. Here is South Florida, its already above 80 degrees most days! I love to whip up and easy drink and make it more fancy by adding a decorative element. This punch is a sparkling watermelon flavored beverage and can be made as a cocktail or a mocktail (no alcohol) for the kids, or anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol. Family friendly fun!

Family fun on the Fourth of July enjoying our Patriotic punch Cocktails and Mocktails!

Patriotic Punch

1 part juice (We love Ocean Spray Cranberry Mango or Cranberry Pineapple)

1 part Sparkling ICE brand strawberry watermelon

Lemon-lime soda

Optional-Vodka (1+ ounces)



Watermelon, sliced

Star cookie cutter



For the Garnish

Use a cookie cutter to cut out star shapes out of the watermelon. You can certainly cut up a whole watermelon, and serve what you don’t use, it won’t go to waste on a hot day! Or you can always buy pre-cut watermelon slices in the produce department. Thread blueberries on the top half of the skewers, leaving room for the stars. Top each skewer with a watermelon star. These can be premade and stored in the fridge/cooler.

For the cocktail/mocktail

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the juice and Sparkling ICE drink. Add a splash ( or more) of lemon-lime soda. Add vodka if desired. Stir. Serve with a fruit skewer. I usually add a lime to the adult versions.

Hooray for the red white and blue!

Fun Fact: fruit skewers can be made of any combination of fruit, and work wonders as “magic wands” for a healthy party snack!

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Unicorn Poop Popcorn

Unicorn Poop Popcorn

This is a recipe for a fun candy filled popcorn that has been come to be known as unicorn poop popcorn in our family! I was making a batch of this for one of our movie nights a couple of years ago, (I think it was Trolls) and my husband commented “That looks like unicorn poop” of course the kids went crazy and hence the name stuck!

Most recently, I added this to the goodie boxes for the girls’s joint Unicorn themed party. My girls were born 6 days apart, so I hope they get used to that idea! It took a bit of work so decide on a theme they would both love but in the end we decided on unicorns!

This recipe is easy enough that kids can help, too. It’s good messy fun. Although you may end up with less finished popcorn!

Ok so this “recipe” if you could even call it that brings together 3 things that I LOVE dearly:

Popcorn, themes, and Simplicity!!

So popcorn is a go-to snack in our house. We love it and we love ALL kinds of it. And (bonus!) its whole grain!Themes, because this recipe can be customized to fit any theme or holiday!

And simplicity because as it is already easy, you can make it even easier!


1.Popcorn – I air pop mine but you can use pre-popped or microwavable. Most of those will have butter and or salt but it makes so a great salty sweet version.

2.Candy melts in coordinating colors

3.Sprinkles, cotton candy, rock candy, etc.


1.Lay the popped popcorn on a flat layer on a foil lines cookie sheet

(or for super easy clean up, grab disposable cookie sheets from Dollar Tree)

2.Melt candy melts via directions on the back in your microwave

3.Use a spood to drizzle the colors. I added the pink first, and then tossed the popcorn to give it a base color of pink, then frizzed on the other colors. Go crazy, you can’t mess this up, I promise!

4.Add toppings while candy melts are still wet so they adhere to the popcorn better.

5.Let it sit out to “dry” if you choose and Serve! I told you that was easy! Here’s the link for the popcorn maker we have!

**Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission if you purchase this product via this link**

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