Hi there!

I’m Miranda! I live with my family in super sunny South Florida. I enjoy crafting fun into the things that I crave for the people that I love! My specialties are semi-homemade foods and confections, crafts and other ways I show love to my family. These things may be little or BIG things, depending on the day! I am a wife and a mom to 3 kids-Jayden, Lila, & Everly. I also work full time, so it’s important to me to maximize every moment with my family.

I try my best to make things as easy as possible, as I have learned over the years that simplicity is key, especially with kids aged 11, 6, and 2! Whether that means using store-bought cookie dough and frosting, but letting the kids go crazy with decorating, fun themed meals all kids love (Taco Tuesday, anyone?!), or setting up a craft that’s kid friendly, I strive to carve out fun family time whenever possible.

Many people often ask me ” How do you do that?!” Or say “You make it look so easy” so here is love to show you how I actually do it: a lot of trial and error and carefully sourced tips and tricks.

I truly enjoy making everything from a walk in the park, to stay at home movie night more fun and fancy. These are the memories we will cherish for years to come! Join me! 

I’d love to hear from you!