Skeleton Bath Tub Craft

Skeleton Bath Tub CraftSkeleton bath easy Halloween decor diy craft

Even Mr. Skeleton needs to rest his tired bones after a long day of haunting! This craft is a cute and easy dollar store décor idea for your bathroom! I saw a similar picture online and threw this together fairly quickly, so I wanted to share this craft with you.

I used a cauldron we already had, but any bucket or tin will work, I actually saw small tins at the Dollar Tree in the gardening area that resembled old time bath tubs.

The skeletons can be found all around town close to Halloween, however, make sure its the correct size to fit in your “bathtub” I like the look of this one so that the upper body and feet poked out. I found this at Party City for $1.99, and it wasn’t even on sale!

For the “bath water” I used a Dollar tree pack of spider webs, and just plopped in on top of the skeleton, you could also use Christmas snow, if you have that around.

For the “bubbles”, I bought a box of empty glass Christmas ornaments, but afterwards I saw plastic versions at the Dollar Tree as well. I removed the metal hook part, and placed them around, open side down.

And Voila! There you have it. Easiest. Craft. Ever!

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