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Summer Storytime Series

My Storytime Series is designed to incite the love of reading in my kids (and yours too!)I love to do these special story times for the holidays as well, but summertime its extra important!

Have you heard of the Summer Slide? And no, it’s not a fun outdoor activity. It refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge children experience as a result of being out of school foe the summer. So this is my tactic to try and prevent that!

I also use a reading log to keep track of those books. My kids have to submit reading logs/read for homework so I always keep a running log, especially since the first few weeks of school can be so hectic so I figure why not get ahead? Click below to check out a FREE printable reading log, as well as printable book marks and book ideas by category courtesy of Carrie Ellie!

Free Pretty Printable Bookmarks

Free Printable Reading Log

I try to do a few stories that are related- I love a theme! And then a craft or snack that relates. My kids beg for this, and all of them will sit (mostly) quietly and listen if even for just a few minutes!

Three Little Pigs

Coming soon:

Spaghetti night!

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