Spring Wreath DIY

Spring has sprung! Spring doesn’t only have to mean cleaning! I love making these wreaths for my own house, and as a little gift for a friend for family member to help them welcome in spring. Here is super sunny south Florida we don’t have a lot of seasons. Or any. we are pretty much stuck in a perpetual summer….BUT as you’ll soon see I love to decorate and celebrate for all seasons and holidays as a way of compensating! I also try to stay budget friendly with my crafts whenever possible. I hit the Dollar Tree regularly and find many overlooked items that can be easily repurposed. I’m sure there are people who will say ” I could buy the same/similar thing for X amount of dollars” And some people would rather. And that’s totally okay. For me the actual act of creating the craft is part of the joy. So here we go….

First I recommend hitting your local Dollar Tree for supplies. A lot of these things are seasonal, so when you see them, grab them before they’re gone! Feel free to use anything you already have. on my first attempt I needed more greenery, luckily for me a have an extensive collection (mess) of craft supplies shoved in a closet. This picture shows the supplies I used for one wreath. You may use more or less, its kind of dependant of how “full” you want the finished product.

I bought everything at the Dollar Tree except the floral wire, which I already knew I had on hand, but I actually saw some there too!


One metal wreath frame

floral wire

wire cutters

6 mini terra cotta pots

Artificial flowers ( I recommending sticking to 3 spring colors or varying shades of one color)

Hot glue gun and glue

Artificial butterlies, fairies, birds, etc


First, take the floral wire and loop it through the hole in the bottom of the pots and twist to secure  to the metal frame. I like the look of some upside down and sideways.

Next, use your wire cutters to trim the flowers apart from each other from the stem so that they fit in the pots.  Make sure the stem is long enough to stick out of the bottom of the pot.  I don’t glue them in until I get a better idea of how I like the placement of colors, etc. So this step takes some arranging. Literally.

Then I (Carefully!) hot glue the flowers into the pots, yes, you could use floral wire here as well but I found it more difficult to work with. The best method I found was letting the bottom of the stem stick out of the bottom, and applying the hot glue there. After it dries, we will trim these off. Also if there are any leave affixed to the stems, pull them all the way up to the top of the bloom, otherwise you wont see them in the pot.

Now, we will go about filling in the in between with additional flowers and vines/leaves. If some flowers look droopy, a little carefully placed hot glue goes a long way to make them look better.

Also, for aesthetics, I sometimes glue the leaves together as well, so that they turn the way I want them to.

I recommend adding to the wreath until you feel its finished. And now hang it and Ta-Da! Spring has Sprung!

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